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UXO Supervision dredging Angola

Commissioned by Griner Engenharia SA, NjordIC has provided services in a rapid response project with the aim of Van Oord being able to safely carry out the dredging work in Namibe (Angola).

In a period of 1.5 weeks, NjordIC carried out a UXO quick scan to determine whether the area was suspected of UXO and which types of UXO could be expected, after which a risk analysis was immediately provided, and control measures were defined to be installed prior to dredging. In the same time frame, NjordIC mobilized two EOD experts to introduce the measures and provide UXO supervision to the dredging work.

The work was carried out by the Dutch dredging company Van Oord with the trailing suction hopper dredger "Lelystad".

The entire work has been started and carried out in accordance with the established time schedule.